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Starmark Co., Ltd (Thai: บริษัท สตาร์มาร์ค แมนูแฟคเชอร์ริ่ง จำกัด), trading as Starmark (Thai: สตาร์มาร์ค) is a privately held, Thailand built-in-furniture company that specializes in kitchen and bathroom products. Formerly known as Phet Kasem Khrueang Ruean (Thai: เพชรเกษมเครื่องเรือน), the company was founded in 1977. It took the current name in 1995. Major owner and founder are Mr. Somchai Srisakulpinyo (head of the family). He assigned his brother and sister to oversee the business as management. As of 2000, it was the second-largest furniture manufacturer in Thailand.

Phyllis M. Wantagh, from NY, wrote about his/her experience with Starmark´s customer service in a review published by YELP: "Stay away from Starmark cabinets they have horrible customer service and although my kitchen came with the doors showing the seams they wouldn't replace them and sent me back to Consumers Kitchen and bath whose customer services was just as bad these cabinets are massed produced on an assembly line"


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Former Employee - Front End Developer says

"Unprofessionals, lack of knowledge in almost everything they do. Leadership is not existent, agency is stuck in the 80s"

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Horrible Management that treats you less than human"

Former Employee - Client Services says

"Small shop that tries to act like a big-time agency. Upper management does not put any time to grow and support teams and treats the staff terribly. You're pretty much on your own w/no life line. Energy and passion is low all around. Most employees are actively looking to leave the agency and turnover is the highest i've ever seen at an agency. There is 0% creativity or innovation going on. All is based on margins and profitability. The president of company is a nightmare who brings nothing to the table as far as client strategy and is there to yell and put fear in the employees at all time. HR is a single person who is a joke professionally speaking. If you have issues at Starmark, you are on your own."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"It doesn't take long to realize most people are unhappy working there. There's a general negativity in the air, and people are pretty vocal about how they can't wait to leave. The management excels at selling you hopes and dreams, and rarely keeps up with it. It doesn't help they can randomly snap at you at any time, for no reason other than them having a bad day (which is often). Biggest employee turnover I've ever experienced, which made people feel uneasy and like it was a matter of time before it was their turn."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"Most of the reviews here are very accurate. Management makes employees work in fear, it’s a revolving door and the good people never stay."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"There are no leaders in leadership positions, rather, stuffed suits pretending to be human. People speak and treat each other horribly and it starts from the top down. Turn over is high which means you are always training someone. There is nowhere to grow within the organization."

Former Employee - Anonymous Employee says

"The hours can be long at times."

Install take offs and sales (Former Employee) says

"Owner is a crook. Beat me out of my sales commissions afer i gave notice. Works on small gas/car allowance then commissions. Refused to pay on my sales that came in after my last day. Sorry i gave him notice at all. Should have called out sick for a couple of weeks looking back. But who does that? He is a real piece of work... stay away... far awayNone at allHes a crook"

Director of First Impressions (Former Employee) says

"Awful place to work, people are fake and rude. A lot of bi-polar personalities, one minute they are nice and the next they are rude and yelling at you for no reason at all, except to show that they have power over you. no personalities there at all. Lots of artists with no originality.Free Lunch on wednesday, but the food is nastydisorganized, and lots of difficult/fake personalities"

Account/Project Coordinator (Former Employee) says

"They work you too hard and the pay scale is unfair. They are rude and unappreciative as well.Free lunches, the bar, flexibleManagement was lazy, the president is rude, you're expected to dedicate your life to them"

Stocker (Former Employee) says

"I would come into work cook food then i would help people that come's in the store and when there's no one in the store I would restock and when we are about to close the store i'll clane up out side the store and also in side the storefree foodnot alot of work"

Sprayer (Former Employee) says

"Set up cabinets, learned how to spray, how to organize different shipments, had amazing co-workers to work beside. Management could've been better and the communication was lacking."